This summer is literally bursting at the seams with weddings!

It’s a little bit bizarre, because I think that I have been to a total of three weddings in my adult life. Uhhh, maybe two. It could be that our biological clocks that are ‘a-tickin’, but weddings are definitely trending this year.

Our wedding is the fourth of four that we will be attending, or part of, during a 3-month period of time, taking place at the end of the summer.

First up are our lovely couple-friends who are getting married in the middle of May; I’m incredibly excited about this one. A few weeks ago, I attended the beautiful bride’s shower. The gift theme was useful houseware baskets. Never being one to fully conform, I strapped on my loud, fuchsia, glasses, and packed my basket full of homemade treats: chocolate chip granola, 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies, homemade oreo cookies, cinnamon-roasted almonds, cinnamon raisin bread, and homemade vanilla sugar. Ok, they’re not housewares, per se, but they were packaged up in useful, cute, little jars. Mildly conformist, but still marching to the beat of my own drum, my glasses and I set off to the bridal shower where we had a delightful afternoon.

This vanilla sugar is so tasty, it smells incredible, is so easy to make, and is kinda fancy-pants.

It’s delicious in hot bevvies, sprinkled on fresh fruit or oatmeal, or even used in desserts.

Vanilla Sugar

1 fresh vanilla bean
1 cup granulated sugar

1. Split the bean in half lengthwise and run the edge of your knife along its belly to scrape out its innards.
2. Place the granulated sugar and the vanilla bean’s insides into a food processor and pulse several times until they are well combined. Make sure that there are no residual vanilla-bean-clumps inside your delicious vanilla sugar.
3. Transfer your beautiful, fancy, sugar to a pretty, airtight, container and place the vanilla bean pod inside to help perfume your sugar.
4. …that’s all. Oh, that was easy…