I’m going to keep this one brief. I know! How unusual. Generally, I’m a little chatty Cathy…

Today, my day is pretty much choc full of unpleasant and/or undesirable tasks, jobs, and activities. I’m shortly off to the gym, which would normally be a highlight in my day, but my succumbing-t0-old-age knee has other ideas. I’m going to give ‘er a whirl, but it’s not going to be nearly as pleasant as usual (pleasant is relative). After my class at the gym, I have to head downtown for a Career Fair, as I’m in my last few weeks of my degree and it’s time to start the fear-inducing job hunt. Going to mosey through the crowd with my CVs and cover letters in hand, charm the pants off of school and school board reps, but not enjoy a second of it. After that exciting endeavour, I’m going to be teaching two afterschool soccer classes which are comprised of too many screaming, crying, children. Again, I’ll do a fabulous job, but won’t enjoy it for even a moment. There’s more, but those are the main culprits in my day of unplesantries.

Well, what’s a gal to do when the day ahead seems so dire?

Indulge in chocolate for breakfast.

And so I did.

Chocolate Raspberry Oatmeal

One serving


1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats
1 cup organic soy/almond/rice milk or plain water, plus more for pouring on cooked oats
1 heaping Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 Tbsp sweetener of your choice (stevia, agave, maple syrup, honey, etc.)
1 tiny splash of pure vanilla extract
1 dash of cinnamon (for warmth)
a pinch of salt
chocolate chips, for light sprinkling on top
a small handful of fresh raspberries (use whatever fruit you want, but raspberries pair beautifully with this oatmeal)


1. Combine the first 7 ingredients in a saucepan (everything except for the chocolate chips and the berries) and cook over medium heat until the oats are cooked and tender. Approximately 5-7 minutes.
2.  Scoop the cooked oats into a bowl, sprinkle with a few chocolate chips and the raspberries.
3. If desired, add some additional soy/almond/rice milk over your delicious oats right before eating.

Now that I’ve eaten a delicious (& healthy) breakfast, I’m off to face my day.