We have some salmon roe sitting in the fridge, leftover from our dinner party. Having spent $12.00+tax for a tiny little container of these gorgeous, orange, jewels, I refuse to let the little guys go to waste. So, last night I put my brainstorming cap on and started thinking about fun things to do with them. For some reason, I decided that they would be delicious atop rich and creamy deviled eggs. I had never made deviled eggs before…but how hard could they possibly be?! Even though properly cooked-eggs generally elude me,  I figured that they would, by no means, be beyond my culinary capabilities. Going against tradition, I didn’t coerce Anthony into cooking the eggs for me, but rather, I grabbed the bull by the horns and hard-boiled them myself. *pats herself on the back*

I don’t really know what it is about eggs…I can do it, I think that I just don’t have the patience for things like omelets. And because I don’t have the patience for omelets, every time I try to cook one, I fail. And because I fail at things like omelets, I translate this failure to all things egg. Welllll, isn’t that just a steep and slippery slope. Meh. I enjoy occasionally passing the cooking torch over to my man, and he is good at cooking omelets. So there you have it. I suppose it’s a kind of learned helplessness in the world of egg cookery.

Today, however, I made it happen. I cooked the eggs, scooped out the eggs, refilled the eggs, all by myself. I know: I’m a champ.

During yesterday’s brainstorming session, I also decided that I wanted to incorporate avocado into the egg mixture. Why not? Usually hoards of mayo are stirred into the yolks to give them a delicious, creamy, texture. Avocado would do the same thing, but would add something even more fabulous to the traditional mix: healthy fat and a pretty green colour in addition to the sought-after creaminess. Sold. I started a little online search to see if my avocado-deviled-egg brainchild had a long-lost brother keenly-awaiting to be (re-)united. And it turns out, I found a recipe which mirrored just what I wanted to do. Great minds…

By adding avocado to the egg yolks and by embellishing the finished product with salmon roe, an otherwise fairly standard recipe for deviled eggs becomes a fancy treat. And they also boast a wonderful balance of flavours.

Oh, and we still have more salmon roe leftover. This container is like the proverbial clown car. Hit me up with some suggestions!

Avocado Deviled Eggs with Salmon Roe


4 hard boiled eggs
1 small avocado
1 Tbsp mayonnaise
1 tsp lime juice
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper, and more for sprinkling
Salmon roe (I topped each deviled egg with 5 salmon eggs), feel free to leave them out or add more


1. Cut boiled eggs in half lengthwise and carefully scoop out the yolks into a small bowl.
2. Cut the avocado in half and add one half to the yolks. Mash the egg yolks and the avocado with a fork.
3. Cut the remaining avocado half into half again (you now have two 1/4 avocado portions) and dice up one 1/4 into small pieces.
4. Stir the diced avocado, mayonnaise, lime juice, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper into the egg/avocado mash.
5. Fill egg whites with yolk mixture (you can use a piping bag & tip or just use a couple of spoons) and place on a serving plate.
6. Cut the remaining 1/4 avocado into small pieces for garnish and place on top of each deviled egg.
7. Carefully place a few salmon eggs onto each deviled egg and sprinkle lightly with cayenne.

Now, who’s going to join me and indulge in this swanky appetizer?